Gerard Genard

Nationality Belgian (orig. Fr.)
Weight 150lbs
Length 72 inches
Tire pressure 12
Dope EPO
Color Blue
Type Romantic
Energy 3
Track Record
  • Field Cross Lochristi '99 (29th)
  • Les Boucles de Spa '04 (11th)
  • Tour de France '06 (on rollers in the living room, 79th)

Ludo Balcaen

Nationality West-Flemish
Weight 245 lbs
Length 68 in
Tire pressure 0
Dope Special K
Color Aluminum
Type Judging/intuitive
Energy 28
Track Record
  • Aluminium-Award 1999 and 2000
  • Take-over Alumétal nv 2008

Silvio Benotto

Nationality Belgian (orig. Italy)
Weight 162 lbs
Length 76 in
Tyre pressure 18
Color Red
Type Periculoso
Energy 91
Track Record
  • Stud of the year 1988
  • Tour de Lombardsijde '02 (2nd)
  • Paris-Saint-Germain '03 (18th)

The stars of Velodroom are Gérard Genard for the blue team, and Silvio Benotto for the red. They are assisted, in season and out of season, by their team leader/mental coach/sponsor/catering manager Ludo Balcaen.